Seychelles Pension Fund (SPF) was established in January 2006, by an Act of Parliament, as an earning replacement mechanism to enable qualifying members to live in basic comfort upon retirement.

SPF operates a Defined Benefit pension system where its members – Seychellois employees, receive a prescribed pension amount as per a formula, upon retirement for life. It is a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ plan where the generation of tomorrow, pays for the workers of today, and the workers of today pay the workers of yesterday. SPF comprises of three main departments for the efficient delivery of all its services.

1 | Pension and Benefits – Core function
2 | Investments – Supplementary function
3 | Corporate Services – Support function


SPF manages the national pension system of the country. SPF collects contributions from its members who are Seychellois workers and provides them with pensions and benefits on retirement. Seychellois workers are those in employment, including all workers from the formal sector, both the public and private sector, informal employment, self-employed, part-time and casual workers.


‘The Seychelles Pension Fund will be a leader and model among retirement systems, by providing the best retirement and related benefit package for its members’.


‘The Seychelles Pension Fund is dedicated to manage and secure its funds through prudent investments and innovative methods to pay out the optimum retirement and related benefits to its members’.