Steps to register for e-contribution

Pay your mandatory and voluntary contributions online. Make your transactions easier.

Step 1: First time user? Register by providing an email and password of your choice

Step 2:Refer to your email for the activation link to the portal

Step 3: Click once to activate

Step 4: Complete members profile

Step 1: Enter employer number (your employer ID will be validated automatically)

Step 2: Registration will now be completed

Step 3: Choose type of contribution (Compulsory or voluntary contributions)

Step 4: download file to your pc using download excel or csv

Step 5: Generate pension report

Step 6: Click on add employee and update information for each employee and submit

Step 7: To submit payroll click and choose file and upload the saved csv/excel file

Step 8: Choose pay month and pay year and click Pay Now

Step 9: Choose mode of payment (bank transfer/cheque/card)

Step 10: Pay contribution

To pay for yourself

Step 1: Input your NIN and amount to be paid

Step 2: Pay contribution


To pay for a friend or family member

Step 1: Input their NIN and amount to be paid

Step 2: Choose mode of payment (bank transfer/cheque/card)

Step 3: Pay contribution

Step 4: Check your email to confirm your transaction has been completed


The portal will generate an order number for each transaction you make

Click here to view the tutorial video.

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