Voluntary Contribution Gift Voucher

Gift and surprise your loved ones. Get a near and dear one’s voluntary contribution package started through our e-voluntary contribution starter pack

  1. Choose from a host of occasions including Mother’s Day, Birthday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, Festive season or customize your own special day under the General category.
  2. Complete the fields below including amount to be paid, gift bearer’s details and your special message.
  3. You can choose to e-mail or send a printed copy of the voucher directly to the person. A copy of the Voluntary Contribution form will be attached so that the person can complete to submit to his/her employer for monthly salary deductions towards the account you just opened on his/her behalf.
  4. Complete payment procedures.
  5. An email will be sent to you to confirm to confirm your transaction.

Members can access part or in full voluntary contributions accrued with interest at the age of 55 onwards.

Gift Vouchers are credited only to account of person if he/she is over 18 and is already a member at SPF.

If the NIN entered is not found in the SPF records you will not be able to proceed with payment.

VC Gift Voucher

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