Mr Jacquelin Dugasse


P O Box 1544 Ma Constance Victoria Mahe Seychelles

Mr Patrick Payet

Secretary of State

Liberty House, P.O Box 313 Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Mr Antoine Robinson

Secretary General, Seychelles Federation of Workers Union

OJ Market Mall Market Street Room 47 Victoria

Mr Bernard Adonis

Attorney at Law

OJ Market Mall Market Street Room 41 Victoria

Ms Cillia Mangroo

Principal Secretary - MOF

Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment Liberty House, Victoria, Mahe,

Mrs Marie Claire Marie

Former Principal Secretary

Principal Secretary Office of the President State House P.O Box 55, Victoria

Mr Peter Sinon

Chairman of CCCS and former Cabinet Minister

P O Box 1703, Victoria, Mahe,

Ms Cindy Vidot

Chief Executive Officer Seychelles Investment Bureau

P O Box 1167 2nd Floor, Independence House Annex, Victoria, Mahe

Ms Elsie Morel

Principal Procurement Oversight Officer

Procurement Oversight Unit P O Box 313 Maison de Mahe Victoria Mahe

Advisor Ministry of Land Use and Planning

P O Box 199, Independence House, Victoria, Seychelles