While over 70% of our members enjoy a retirement in basic comfort with the Seychelles Pension Fund, we nonetheless have unfortunate situations where members pass away having completed the prescribe period for entitlement to a pension benefit.

Children pension is a benefit afforded to the child or children of the deceased in these circumstances.

Who is entitled to a Children’s Pension?

1. The pension is payable to the legitimate, adopted or recognized illegitimate child, proof is required that at the time of death, that the deceased was maintaining the child personally or by a maintenance allowance payable through the family tribunal.

2. The deceased should have been a member of the Seychelles Pension Fund and contributed towards his/her mandatory contribution period for 10 years or 20 years aggregate immediately prior to death.

3.A Post Retirement Children’s Pension is applicable if a member is already in receipt of a retirement pension. On passing away and leaving behind a person/s who satisfies the conditions for the Children’s Pension, then the Post Retirement Children’s Pension is valid.

A Child is classified as follows:

    • A legitimate Child A natural but ‘recognised’ child
    • An adopted child of a member
    • A child in pursuant to the affiliation of the family by court tribunal
    • A child whose paternal descent to a member, has been proved under article 340 of the Civil code. Who is under 25 years and still in full-time education.

Benefits available for your Child/Children in case of death

When a member dies, before or after retirement, the child/children will receive a pension equivalent to 80% of the full pension the deceased mother or father would have earned as a member of SPF, if the deceased mother or father has retired on reaching the age of retirement as per Benefit Regulations 32.

However, should the deceased member have a spouse, the child/children shall be entitled to a pension equivalent to 40% of a much larger amount, if the deceased mother or father opted prior to his death, for the child/children to receive up to an additional 25% of the pension.

When will the Child get his/her pension?

A Children’s Pension shall be granted to the guardian of the deceased member’s children, in the case of death of both parents or of a parent from a previous marriage or relationship, for the maintenance of the children, if the deceased prior to his or her death was maintaining in the children. If the children are the children of the surviving spouse and living – with him or her ,then the Children’s Pension will be payable to the surviving spouse as their guardian.