Pirates Arms Re-development

A new multi-storey commercial building with a modern look, including a feel of creole architecture has been approved for the Ex-Pirates Arms property. The total area of the entire building will be 12,750 square metres excluding basement car park and 15,134 square metres overall (basement / parking / services).

The building shall cater for businesses, such as hotel, restaurants, and shops. The project is expected to go on tender in December 2023, and the construction is expected to begin in the 2nd quarter of 2024.

Le Chantier Mall refurbishment

After the fire incident October 2021, that partially burnt the building, SPF took the decision to refurbish the building.

The project is divided into two phases;

Phase 1 – Partial demolition and stripping of the building.

The work is currently on-going and is expected to be completed in the 1st quarter of 2024.

It entails the demolition of the sections on floors 3 and 4 that were most affected by the fire;    And the stripping off of the  all components, such as walls, ceiling etc. from the rest of the building, leaving only the main structural elements such as. Columns, beams, and slabs intact.

Phase 2 – Refurbishment.

SPF has appointed all consultants (Architect, Structural engineer, QS, MEP, PM), for the project, and the design process is in a very early stage. The refurbishment work will be a separate tender from the Partial demolition and stripping of the building.

Renovation of Praslin Holiday Home

A major renovation work was required to put the property in good operating condition so the Fund can start generating revenue again.

The project entails the general renovation work on Block A, Block B, Reception Block, and all other amenities on the Praslin Holiday Home premises. The major items in the scope include replacement of damaged tiles, replacement of all damaged built in furniture, and re-painting of the blocks. Work started in October 2022 and with some delays during the execution, it expected to be completed in December 2023.

Renovation of La Passe Pension House

To retain and restore the functionality of the commercial property; to guarantee the safety, comfort and to provide convenience to the facility’s users, it was decided that a major maintenance and renovation work was required.

The project entails the general renovation work on La Passe Pension House building. The work is on-going and is expected to complete in 1st quarter of 2024.